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adhesives and fasteners

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Colorations® Craft Tape Super Pack - Set of 20
Colorations® Re useable Glue Jar with Brush - Set of 12
Colorations® Self-Adhesive Foam Shapes - Set of 1,000
Colorations® Diversity Sticker Set
Colorations® Self-Adhesive Fruit and Veggie Foam - 500 pieces
Colorations® Colorful Leaf Foam Shapes - 500 Pieces
Regular Masking Tape ¾" - 1 roll of tape
Colorations® Flowers, Hearts and Bug Foam Shapes - 500 Pieces
Colorations® Self-Adhesive Wiggly Eyes - 1,000 Pieces
Colored Masking Tape - 60 yds
Colorations® Foam Sheets - 30 Pieces, 9" x 12"
Colorations® Foam Sheets, 9" x 12" - Set of All 10
Colorations® Decorating Kit for Gingerbread House
Colorations® Crystal Clear Cover - 18" x 9 ft.
Colorations® Best Value Hook and Loop Set
Colorations® Self-Adhesive Number Foam Shapes - 150 Pieces
Colorations® Halloween Foam Shapes - 300 Pieces
Colorations® Super Value Sticker Shapes Pack - 100 Sheets
Colorations® Favorite Pets Foam Shapes - 500 Pieces
Colorations® Dinosaur Foam Shapes, 500 pieces
Colorations® Fantastic Foam Stickers - Set of 24
Colorations® Re-usable Glue Jar with Brush - Set of 24
Colorations® Re-usable Glue Jar with Brush - Set of 36

From decorating the classroom to supplying students with the right tools for craft projects, every teacher needs an arsenal of adhesives and fasteners at their disposal. At Really Good Stuff®, we have craft adhesives, fasteners, school glue, and more for every project at great prices. Stock up on the basics, and explore our more colorful and fun varieties that will get your students excited for arts and crafts!

School Glue, Tape, and Fasteners for Crafting

Arts and crafts projects are a great way to get kids thinking creatively and engage them in activities they'll love. Oftentimes, these projects require school glue, which can get messy. We carry tons of Colorations® non-toxic and washable glue options for a variety of activities. For younger kids, you might want to stick to our bulk packs of glue sticks. If you want to introduce liquid school glue, we have gallon containers as well as individual squeeze bottles. To keep things a little cleaner, purchase reusable glue bottles with brushes that give students an easy way to apply liquid glue without using their fingers. To add a little color, you can get colored glitter glue, which is also great for making slime. For teachers looking for DIY slime experiments, along with our school glue, we offer Colorations® Classroom Slime Activator Kits that create enough slime for your whole class.

Colored masking tape is an easy way to decorate and add splashes of color to your classroom craft projects. Our tapes come in multicolored sets and beautiful designs and patterns. Choose more vibrant colored masking tape, or keep young students calm and focused with natural tones that evoke the serenity of nature. Whichever you choose, colored masking tape is an easy-to-use and exciting pairing with any arts and crafts kit.

Stock Up on Fun Craft Adhesives And Fasteners

There are so many ways to add unique touches and elements to your classroom craft projects! Go beyond the school glue and colored masking tape with fun stickers and self-adhesive foam shapes. These items, along with our self-adhesive wiggly eyes, can bring an extra element of excitement your students won't be able to resist. Brass fasteners can also be used to give art projects movable elements that kids will be fascinated with.

Hang Posters, Drawings, and Art Projects

Whether you're decorating your classroom with posters or want to show off your students' projects, you'll need tape or hook-and-loop fasteners. In some instances, standard clear tape will do the job, but it's often harder to clean up when you're ready to take stuff down. That's why we carry a wide variety of masking tape options. If you have posters or other papers you hang up often, hook-and-loop fasteners are the perfect solution that will let you swap out materials in the same spot without running through your school tape supplies.

As former teachers ourselves, we understand your classroom challenges and are here to help you meet them head-on. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Our helpful customer service team members will be happy to assist you.

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