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a sharp bunch

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A Sharp Bunch Classroom Decor Kit - multi-item kit
A Sharp Bunch Welcome Bulletin Board Kit - 61 pieces
A Sharp Bunch Cactus Friends Deco Trim - 37 feet of border trim
A Sharp Bunch Class Jobs Bulletin Board Kit - 76 pieces
A Sharp Bunch Calendar Bulletin Board Set
A Sharp Bunch Calendar Bulletin Board Kit
A Sharp Bunch Decorative Letters - 178 pieces
A Sharp Bunch Deco Trim Bundle - 3 packages border trim
A Sharp Bunch Mini Cactus Friends Deco Trim - 37 feet of border trim
A Sharp Bunch Diamond Deco Trim - 37 feet of border trim

Inspire your students and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with these cactus classroom theme from Really Good Stuff®. The cute cacti and fun desert imagery and colors are focused on showing your students that they’re “A Sharp Bunch.” With a wide variety of classroom accessories to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty of easy and affordable ways to decorate. Choose from this lineup of cactus classroom décor to add a pop of personality to your teaching space this year.

Spiky and Spunky

These cactus graphics in this succulent classroom theme are anything but prickly. Instead, they feature happy and inviting images that are designed to make kids feel more comfortable in class. The bright, bold colors are stimulating and fun, which is perfect for a preschool, kindergarten or elementary classroom. And with plenty of attractive decorations in the collection, you can easily add exciting elements to every part of your space.

Check out the cactus bulletin board borders to create dynamic displays based on various subjects or lessons. Our cactus stuff also includes helpful accessories like decorative letters to help with learning the alphabet and colorful labels and name tags.

Set the Tone

By tying together your classroom décor, it can help to set the tone for the year. This theme of “A Sharp Bunch” reminds kids that their teacher believes in their abilities and sees their potential day in and day out. It also encourages kids to continue learning and growing each day and to put a priority on their education. Best of all, it adds a fun feeling to your classroom so kids continue to look forward to being in school week after week. Shop for cactus classroom decorations at Really Good Stuff® to get great deals on these themed accessories.