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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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100th day of school

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What Does 100 Look Like? Banner
I Am 100 Days Brighter! Pencils - 12 pencils
Classroom Stickers And Storage Box 2,240 Stickers - 2,240 stickers, storage box
Ready-To-Decorate® Ten Activities For 100th Day Fun! Posters - 24 posters

The collection of 100 days of school items at Really Good Stuff lets you celebrate a milestone day with plenty of fun.

Depending on the state or school system, a school year encompasses anywhere from 170 to 190 days. That means the 100th day is past the halfway point of the school year, falling somewhere after the holiday break and before spring break. That’s an outstanding time for celebrating accomplishments, checking benchmark progress and focusing on certain curriculum concepts and preparing for the end of the school year.

For younger students, 100 may be the biggest number they know. With older students, we’ll keep it 100: They have a variety of contexts for that three-digit mark, from test scores to payday.

At Really Good Stuff, we have a variety of 100 days of school ideas that help you have fun with the day and steer it toward your goals.

Interesting Ideas

We have many ways to use 100 days of school items:

  • Parties. Celebrate the 100th day with some fun classroom activities.
  • Counting and other math skills. For younger students, this is a perfect day to see if they can count to 100 all by themselves.
  • End-of-year testing: For older students, you can use the 100th day to celebrate how far students have come, and what remains before critical performance tests.
  • Teacher Tested

    Our product development team is comprised of teachers just like you, who have tried various ideas in classrooms across the country. Our line of 100 days of school items are designed with that experience in mind. From classroom decorations and displays to fun rewards and giveaways, our 100 days of school supplies will give you an exciting way to celebrate a milestone day.

    Contact us today: We’ll be happy to share some of the 100 days of school ideas we’ve picked up over the years.