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Quiet Chair Stay-Put Foot Covers - Navy Blue- 144 Pack

Item: 161290

$ 116.31
Item #:  161290
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New, Improved Foot Covers Install Easily And Fit Securely

Keep your classroom quiet and your floors scratch free! These durable foot covers are precut with a single slit for better fit on classroom chairs and desks.

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Reviewed by 7 Customers
1 Star

Don't waste your money! Wish I could give 0 stars!

Product is very cheap and does not hold up. I bought them last August put them on chairs in September then by May they were falling off the chairs, the blue was also coming off and separating from the tennis ball. I bought enough for my whole class and it wasn't just a problem with a few of them it was almost every single one of them.. Very disappointed considering how much they are. Very poorly made and would not purchase!!!!!!!!!!!
By from , NC
5 Stars

Great product

I have been using these for 4 or 5 years now. I used to cut my own tennis balls but due to multiple wrist surgeries it's hard to do anymore. These are great to keep the sound down in the room, especially during independent reading time or centers. The kids think they're cool to have on the chairs and are the first to tell me if one falls off. I do find that if the kids like to keep their feet on them they will break down sooner, but I've only had a few do this in the years I've been using them.
By from , PA
2 Stars

Not Worth The Investment

They have not held up. I purchased them last summer and they started falling apart before Christmas. The ones that were on the the desk held up ok, but the ones on the chairs fell apart and are not usable. I will not reorder and will go back to just using felt on my chairs.
By 5th Teach from , NC
2 Stars

Some serious concerns

I personally purchased these last summer and have used them for this past school year. Our administration encouraged our faculty to do so to help with maintenance of the floors. To be fair, the condition of my floor in May after one school year of use was very good compared to other nearby classrooms. But due to my classroom size, it was a good thing I had extras because they began to split and crack within only a few months. But the most concerning thing was the extremely strong chemical smell that was evident as soon as I opened the box. I tried everything I could think of to remove the smell but to no avail. The few balls that I have left still smell months later. Very, very disappointed with this product.
By Patricia309 from , LA
3 Stars

just satisfactory

Definitely keep the classroom quiet without all of the scraping sounds. However, I bought these just six weeks ago, and some of the tennis balls have already started to fall apart. After three weeks, I began to notice some of them had long strings of blue material dangling off and were covered with dirt and hair - gross. Then a few suddenly split and fell off and had to be thrown away. After a few more weeks, I have had to throw away five more that have split in half. Some others haven't split yet, but the blue material is hanging off the rubber part. The ones that are getting the most wear are the ones in the front of the chair where the kids' feet bang into them. I would not buy a set again because they are not the same quality as a traditional tennis ball that I've had to cut with a saw; I don't feel my set will last until June. Nevertheless, I was happy with the company because when I called to state my dissatisfaction, they sent me one replacement bag to help with the loss of the others.
By Chip from , MI