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teaching STEM and STEAM!

Prepare students for an emerging world by practicing vital skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

We offer a range of STEM and science products, but our new partnership with Steve Spangler Science™ adds a whole new dimension! All of these fun, engaging resources help students develop a better understanding of how the world works and prepares them for the professions of the future.


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Explore Our Solutions for Teaching STEM and STEAM

Self-Assessment Stamps

Steve Spangler Science™
(A Really Good Stuff® brand)

Why simply teach STEM when you can create unforgettable learning moments for your students? We are thrilled to bring you Steve Spangler Science™, a Really Good Stuff® brand! Discover activities and experiment kits designed to create jaw-dropping, standards-based experiences that will excite and engage your students.


Here’s everything you need to celebrate and practice STEM and STEAM in your classroom: visual reminders of the engineering design process, kits to help your students start building and designing, journals to record data, along with resource books, manipulatives and organizational products, and so much more.

Small Group Management Pocket Chart
EZread Magnetic Word Building Kit


With thought-provoking materials to guide their curiosity, there are no limits to what students can discover about the world around them! We offer experiments in life, earth, space and physical sciences that let students participate in hands-on activities created to unleash their imaginations and help them explore the world of science.

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