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Support your students and maximize learning by adapting your lessons and instruction.

We have resources to help you observe and identify challenges among students in your classroom. We offer products that address problem areas and facilitate the mastery of those skills.


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Explore Our Solutions for Differentiated Instruction

Shop our featured products that support differentiated instruction.

Self-Assessment Stamps

Observe and Assess

Maintain ongoing formative assessment to direct your instruction.

Encourage Student Collaboration

Help students engage in meaningful small group work to learn from one another.

Small Group Management Pocket Chart
EZread Magnetic Word Building Kit

Support Student Learning

Use manipulatives to help students practice skills in variety of different ways.

Give Students a Choice

Provide students with choices in how they want to complete tasks or answer questions to create a comfortable learning environment for all.

Student Response Fans
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Looking ahead to the new school year, your challenge is to find the solutions that will work best for your students and you. A daunting task, but we're here to help! Our friendly Education Product Specialists, many of whom are former teachers, will guide and counsel you to ensure you find the best possible educational product solutions for your specific needs.

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