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Managing student behavior is a key foundation of your overall classroom management strategy

Monitoring and assessing classroom and individual behaviors can get tricky - there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We offer behavior management solutions that will help your students understand your expectations, track their own progress, offer them ways to change their behavior, and reward them when they succeed. 



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Explore Our Behavior Management Solutions

Behavior Management

For starters, describe and display your classroom behavior standards so students are reminded daily what is expected of them. Monitor behavior and then again display how the class is progressing!

Privacy Shields™

Students do their best when they are the least distracted and can focus on what’s in front of them. Privacy Shields minimize classroom distractions, discourage unacceptable behavior, and help students complete their work.

Rewards & Incentives

Positive reinforcement doesn’t work, said no one ever! Motivate your students to achieve the standards you’ve set. When they succeed, acknowledge their progress with a reward. Delight them, build their self-esteem, and encourage them to continue!

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