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stem resources

49-72 of 187 items
The Original Insta-Snow® Powder (makes 1/2 gallon - 15g)
Excellerations Acrylic Specimens - Set of 12
Dino Egg Dig Science Education Kit
Excellerations® Classroom Liquid Timers - Set of 9
Excellerations® Life Science Kit
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At Home Science Kit - Bouncing Bubbles
Excellerations Milliliters Bucket Scale
STEM Folders - 12 folders
STEM Folders - 12 folders
$23.75-$26.39 $29.69-$32.99
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Excellerations My First Magnifiers - Set of 4
Color Changing Light Panel
Excellerations® Coding with Shapes and Colors
Excellerations Acrylic Life Cycle Specimens - Set of 4
STEM Question Wands - 30 wands
Excellerations® Iron Filing Cases - Set of 12
Excellerations® Wooden Ramp STEM Discovery Set with Ramps, Textured Surfaces, and Cars
Excellerations® Rock Specimens - Set of 15
Magic Sand Test Tube
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STEM Challenge Logs - 24 journals
Celebrate STEM! Certificates - 24 certificates
Celebrate STEM! Certificates - 24 certificates
$2.99 $5.99
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Environments® earlySTEM™ Size Sorting Tower
Environments® earlySTEM™ My First Mirrors Set of 4
Excellerations® Giant Toddler Stack and Count - 26 Pieces
Splashology! Water Lab Science Activity Kit
Excellerations® LED Light and Bright Panel Set of 3