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Using Social Media And The Internet In The Classroom

Social Media And The Internet In The Classroom

Technology can be intimidating and figuring out how to use it effectively with the ever-changing curriculum can be difficult. A Teacher's Guide to Using Social Media and the Internet in the Classroom is designed to help teachers understand the potential that social media and the Internet can have in daily lesson planning. Resources are ever changing and web tools can come and go, but the same basic ideas and principals remain the same.

In this guide you will find everything from how to set up a classroom blog to how and why virtual visits from authors and experts should be a part of your lesson plans. Ideas for practical classroom use and ways to enhance lessons are included with each topic. For those websites that are frequently banned in schools and districts around the country, alternate site suggestions are also included.

Topics include
  • Your Classroom Blog
  • Twitter for Teachers
  • "Virtual Visits" Special presentations and chats over Skype™
  • Pen Pals and "Flat Stanley"
  • Movies and Photo Collages
  • Great Apps for your Classroom
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