Jonti-Craft Choices for everyone and every space!

With a robust portfolio of branded furniture lines, Jonti-Craft has the selection of children's furniture for just about every need! From bright and colorful options to modern and classic styles, Jonti-Craft has a style that will fit your space.

Jonti-Craft® Product Lines

Activity Tables. Jonti-Craft's Berries Activity Tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes in both Prism and Classic colors. The tough thermofused TRUEdge® is long-lasting and adds a splash of color to every space. They feature an extra-safe, dual-screw leg adjustability system that allows you to adjust the height of the table and is fastened in three layers for increased stability. Metal stabilizer bars help to reinforce large tables and the quick connect brackets are pre-attached making tables easy to assemble.

Stacking Chairs. Choosing a color is tough, but picking Berries chairs is an easy choice. Berries chairs bring vivid color and light to any room and are designed with unsurpassed quality, comfort and guarantee. They are E-Z to clean, move and match perfectly with Berries Tables and Rainbow Accents products.

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Most Popular + Expansive. The Baltic Birch line is the most popular line as it offers a wide variety of products to choose from. From sensory play and toddler products to lockers and storage units, this line has it all.

Natural Look. The Baltic Birch products provide a natural, organic environment that seamlessly matches with everything and will never go out of style!

Guaranteed to Last. All of the Baltic Birch products feature a lifetime warranty so you know that they will withstand the demands of classroom use and last a lifetime. Most of these products are also designed with the KYDZSafe®, KYDZStrong®, KYDZTuff®, KYDZHinges®, and MAXBracket® features.

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Perfect Fit.The modular design of the KYDZ Suite® line lets you pick and choose which pieces you want, creating the space you need now, or in the future.

Build to Last. Each piece in the KYDZ Suite brand is designed with children in mind and features KYDZSafe® edges, KYDZTuff® finish, and KYDZStrong® construction. The products also feature a robust lifetime warranty - meaning they will withstand the challenges of early learning environments.

Define a Space. The KYDZ Suite brand allows you to easily designate and separate areas of a room to create individual spaces. Turn valuable space into defined, kid-friendly spaces for playing, learning, reading, and more!

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Modern Style. TrueModern® features modern accents, such as sliding doors, metal legs, and handle cutouts giving each piece a sleek, contemporary look and creating a stylish option for learning environments.

Expert Designs. Created in conjunction with celebrated modernist designer, Edgar Blazona, the TrueModern line not only looks good, but is designed for functionality. Sliding doors on the bottom of units provide a hidden storage area for toys, stuffed animals, and other educational materials–keeping your space clean and organized.

Kid-and Adult-friendly. Customers can now have a product line that is safe for children, but that is also designed with adults and a modern aesthetic in mind. With KYDZTuff® finish and rounded edges, every piece is durable and safe—and the neutral Baltic Birch wood with sleek design elements adds style to any environment.

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Rainbow of Colors. Rainbow Accents products have a wide variety of bright and colorful options. The double-sided, freckled gray laminate matches everything, while the colorful TRUEdge® adds that extra splash of color to any early learning space.

Multi-functional. Most Rainbow Accents products feature a Write-n-Wipe back, providing enhanced product functionality.

Durability to Last. All Rainbow Accents products feature a thermo-fused TRUEdge, the top of the line in edge treatment, and is made of a scratch-resistant, E-Z to clean laminate. With these (and other KYDZ features) you can purchase with confidence because these products will last a lifetime!

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Budget-Friendly. The features you need most at an attractive, affordable price. Young Time products are available both in fully assembled and ready-to-assemble options. The ready-to-assemble units ship flat which helps to reduce shipping costs and save you more money.

Designed to Impress. Super-strong screws and recessed backs make sure these products will withstand everyday classroom use. The laminated surfaces, rounded corners, and Jonti-Craft’s famous TRUEdge® is sure to impress you. The laminate surfaces are tough, scratch-resistant, and E-Z to clean, while the corners of Young Time products are rounded for children's safety. With its ability to seal out moisture and germs, TRUEdge prevents expanding, warping, and delamination, making your products last.

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Jonti-Craft® Product Features

KYDZSafe features provide top of the line safety to ensure kids have a safe learning environment.

KYDZSafe Rounded Edges. Each and every edge and corner are rounded to a minimum of a 1/2"radius, allowing children to play safely without getting hurt by sharp edges and corners.

KYDZSafe Kickplates. Protects small toes and fingers from being pinched and prevents children from losing their favorite toys underneath the unit. Kickplates not only add strength and safety to a product, but they also add high quality aesthetics.

KYDZSafe 15" Depth. Adds increased stability and provides 25% more storage space than the competitors' 12" depth.


An early learning environment can be a messy place. Kids spill and draw on classroom furniture and educators need products able to withstand tough wear and tear as well as everyday use.

Jonti-Craft's KYDZTuff® finish is just that – tuff enough for kids. Its ultraviolet acrylic coating is as tough as the finish on the lanes of a bowling alley and it's environmentally friendly, too. The finish is ultra-durable and resists yellowing over time, so your furniture can look as new as the day you purchased it. It has an extra-strong resistance to daily wear and handles cleaning products with ease – even bleach and nail polish remover. With just a simple swipe, permanent marker and other stubborn spots are gone leaving nothing but a finish that still shines.


Jonti-Craft's TRUEdge® is permanently thermo-fused to the edges, so it won't peel and will last as long as the product does, unlike the t-molding style of edgebanding used by many other furniture manufacturers. When the t-molding style of banding is separated, the underlying board is susceptible to damage and moisture.

TRUEdge comes in many different color options to compliment every classroom and early learning space. A natural, wood-like TRUEdge is even found on our MapleWave® products, creating a seamless look.

Jonti-Craft furniture isn't just strong, it's KYDZStrong®. Designed to withstand the rigors of classroom use and manufactured with structural integrity and stability. This means your products will last not only for the school year, but for a lifetime.

KYDZStrong Construction. Dowel-pin construction is stronger than the dado joints used by other companies and prevents weakening at the joints, where most of the stress occurs. This method is more aesthetically pleasing product and extends the product's lifetime by 50 percent.

KYDZStrong Materials. Crafted with durable materials made to last. Baltic Birch products are made with Eleven Ply ⅝" Baltic Birch, the strongest plywood in the world. The plies are laid cross-ways to make each board stronger and to prevent the wood from expanding and contracting in seasonal weather changes. Rainbow Accents® and MapleWave® products are laminated on both sides making them E-Z to clean and are made with MDF cores that are uniquely formulated for maximum strength and longevity.

KYDZStrong Recessed Backs. Durable recessed backs provide extra structural support with aesthetic appeal and are available in a variety of functional materials.


KYDZHinges® set the industry standard for safety. Jonti-Craft uses full-length piano hinges, which prevent small fingers from being pinched when doors open or close. They also allow doors to open to a full 270 degrees, 90 degrees further than most. This means the doors can lay flat against the unit, so children can play without getting banged up knees or breaking off the product doors. KYDZHinges are attached with a minimum of nine screws, making the doors extra sturdy to last a lifetime.


Jonti-Craft features heavy-duty MAXBrackets® – a caster and a three-point connection bracket rolled into one, instead of commonly used plastic wheel casters. Unique design adds triangular strength and allows furniture to be moved easily without causing stress on the wheel and bracket. Wheels are made of hard rubber and won't leave black marks on the floor. Between the powerful ball-bearings, hard rubber wheels, and a solid steel design, these MAXBrackets are no match for plastic wheels when it comes to durability.