Successful Kindergarten Readiness Begins Now

In recent years, more so than ever, the demands placed upon toddlers for kindergarten preparedness have become staggering. As experienced professionals in the field of education, we recognize the growing need for teacher resources and curriculum to help early childhood educators teach preschoolers the essential skills needed to successfully transition into kindergarten.

We know that your current programs make early learning special and are essential for children’s successful kindergarten readiness; whether you are a childcare center director, preschool teacher, administrator, or staff member, we have a product lineup to support you.

To satisfy the growing demand for teacher resources for kindergarten readiness, we developed a collection of kindergarten readiness learning tools to help children:

  1. Learn basic letter and number recognition
  2. Build solid language and communication skills
  3. Increase social and emotional skills
  4. Develop fine motor and gross motor skills
  5. Succeed in kindergarten!

The children you serve depend on you, as their educator, to prepare them for their next educational endeavor. We urge you to try the kindergarten readiness products we have selected, and hope you will enjoy them and the experience of watching the successful transition of a child into kindergarten!

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