The Importance of Fluency for Reading and Math

Fluency, the accurate reading of connected text at a conversational rate, with appropriate expression, is the keystone to comprehension. As teachers, we know that in order to dedicate our full attention to the meaning of text, the process of reading must be automatic. How can we pick up on subtle inferences when our brains are busy decoding words? And consider the impact of fluency in math—how can students solve multi-step math problems when they are counting along on their fingers or a number line? For math fluency, the same logic applies, the automaticity of math facts and procedures frees up our working memory to be devoted to problem-solving, leading to the ability to attain higher-order math concepts.

We offer a wide range of teacher-created tools for building fact fluency. Meet the diverse needs of your learners and build fluent mathematical thinkers with the support of tools such as simple flashcards; self-correcting activities; posters for quick reference; games for pairs and small groups; and scaffolded dry erase boards. Our classroom-tested products are designed to target the most effective skill building strategies for building fluency: repeated reading, progress monitoring and teacher modeling. We offer fluency products from simple guided reading strips and engaging take-home leveled readers, to comprehensive Fluency for Comprehension Instruction Kits, designed with suggestions for setting goals; levels charts; oral-reading fluency norms; WCPM formula; instructional prompts for fluency practice; answer keys; data collection tools; letters to families; and a 15+ page instructional guide.

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