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These are without a doubt the best things ever. I cut the adhesive and just put two small squares at each end and they hold wonderfully. If I need to get them off, with a little effort, I can move them. I HATE NAMEPLATES. They are raggedy looking after a month. These keep things nice and tidy ALL YEAR LONG. This is my second year using these and I will always have these in my classroom. No more lost pencils, erasers etc. I can use the double sided desktop helpers and the students can use both side. But because there is no picking.......I can also reuse the desktop helpers. Best things ever. My only thing is, where can I find additional adhesive that came with the prop and parks? I have moved to tables and would like to purchase more of just the adhesive strips. Thanks.
By Hollee from , OK
5 Stars

Desktop Prop & Park

I started using these for back to school night to help parents and students find their spots.
By from , UT
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Every teacher should invest in these!

I have these on the student desks to hold their pencils, erasers, and name plates. I did not use the adhesive that came with it. Instead, I used Velcro. (I love Velcro!!!) This allowed my students to take it off as needed - and it was much easier to peel the bottom Velcro than the adhesive.) My students loved it because their name plates were directly in front of them instead of lying on the desk. It also allowed for more space instead of writing on top of their name plate. The desktop helpers also gave quick access to their pencils instead of fumbling around for them.
By 1st Grade Teacher from ,
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Love these!!!

I have been using these for 3 years, and I love them!!!! I started teaching halfway through a school year, and before purchasing them, there were pencils all over the floor because they would roll off the desk. The following fall I purchased three packages of them. At first, I used the double sided tape with them, but it was a more permanent solution, and when they moved my furniture out of my room some of them were ripped off. I purchased more to replace the broken ones, and now I velcro them. I just pull them off the desks at the end of the year, and put them in a cabinet. As a result of my using them, more teachers in my school have been using their EEF money from the state to purchase some.
By Lbobst from , MS
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Looks good but...

I would love to buy these as sticking them on the table takes up too much space. However, if they are $21 and change, that is way over priced. especially if you have 25 students. Too bad, I think they would have solved my problem.
By from , CA
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Awesome item!

This is an awesome product. I use this product in kindergarten and I LOVE IT! No need for pencil boxes that take up too much room. I don't stick this item to their desks so the children can take them to another table of if seat arrangements change during the year. The children don't play with them and know that it's to keep their items organized! Just set the rules straight and they wont play with it.
By from , FL
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Not as good as I hoped

I have found that students play with these. If the tape stays, then the bottom of the item stayed stuck while the top part of the item broke off. Many of them seemed to be in need of more tape. When that didn't work, I bought velcro. When that didn't solve my problem I bought industrial strength velcro. I just had the students take all of these off at the end of the year and I don't know if I will use them next year. When they aren't attached well and they fall during class it causes a lot of distraction. These don't seem to be the answer for use in my classroom of second-grade students.

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By Teachinmama from , IN
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Awesome for Organization

I use these in Kindergarten. They hold the child's name plate and keep their pencils and erasers organized and to themselves. It's really nice to keep the same pencil that gets chewed on with the student that chewed it. I also don't have these attached to the tables with the adhesive strips. I t's quick and easy to move the trays off the tables when an activity requires more space. The only improvement on these would be to use velcro strips instead of the sticky adhesive.
By Likes the Tables NEAT from , IN
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How did I ever teach before these??

I love these!! They are amazing. I hate name tags, hate them!!! And I teach kindergarten! We need name tags! I also hate pencils!! I hate picking them up off the floor! But not this year. Now I love both! The kids love these because it defines their little personal table space, and it keeps their area neat. I love them because kids aren't peeling off the step from their name tags and pencils never roll onto the floor!! Such an incredible invention. So worth the price!! Plus, they are crazy durable- wash and use them year after year!! Such a great investment. No idea how I taught before I had!!
By K/1 teacher from , WA
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desk prop

Great product! Finally my students can open their desks without having everything roll to the floor!
By from , CA
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Desk Prop and Parks

I just order these for the first time. I am really looking forward to the versatility of this product and freeing up desk space for my students. I would love if Really Good Stuff would offer them in different colors.
By 2nd Grade teacher from , VA
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Excellent item!

We use velcro to attach to the desk. This will be our third year with them and we have only lost a couple, with 1st grade classes of 37 students. As a result we consider them pretty tough. We use them as shown with the stiff plastic alphabet strips with student names written on the back. Don't know how we lived before we purchased them.
By from , OK
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Great Purchase!

I was so hesitant to purchase these, but they are working out so well. I used Velcro to attach them instead of the tape they came with. I printed two sided name tags so that they can be read from both sides. Our students share desks (I have an AM group and a PM group) so we made the name tags small enough to fit two in each holder. One of the best purchases I've made. Their pencils finally stay on their desks! Well worth the money. My students love them and my teaching partner ordered a set as soon as she saw mine.
By M&M Teacher from , WA
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Great Product!

My 5th grade students were frequently dropping or losing their pencils, and name tags would not stay attached to the desks. These have helped solve both problems. I used the tape that came with them, although it stayed in all year, when I tried to remove them at the end of the yr. the bottoms broke off if I tried to pull them up. However ,if I twisted or spun them around while keeping them flat , the bottoms remained intacked. I'm going to try and superglue the bottoms on of the ones that broke. They are a bit pricey, but I have 15 students or less and they can be reused (if they're not broken.)
By Sharyl from Momence, IL
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Desktop Prop and Park

This product is great for keeping students' desks organized. They are sturdy and useful. The only negative is the price. On average, it would cost about $60 - $80 for a class. My budget is $100 (for everything) for the year.
By PantherTeacher from Boynton Beach, FL
5 Stars

I would by this again when needed!

Being a teacher these prop and park work great they stand sturdy and stay in place. I use sticky tack to hold them - not the tape it came with! This way I can take them off to clean. I know they will last a long time!
By Sonshine bright B. from Oneida, KY
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Neat and Tidy!

The students in my classes have always "played" with the name plates on their desks. The name plates always end up curled or ripped and I have to replace during the year because I just can't stand the way they look. I purchased these and am amazed at the difference! The children don't play with their name plates at all anymore and they have a place to keep their pencil and whiteboard marker right on top of their desk. The initial investment was expensive, but I think they are well worth it!
By tcelica from , NE
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Pencils and pens have a new place!

I definitely took the suggestion of using velcro to attach these to the desks. I have students rotating through my room all day. This tool saves the students from digging inside the desk to find whiteboard markers and erasers. All the teachers that have seen it are very impressed!
By Lisa E. from Westminster, CA
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No more taping name tags down.

I love it because I can rearrange students without having to untape name tags and reposition them in new settings. It does have one draw back if you use the tape included with the desktop prop; if there is a spill the desktop prop has to be pried off of the surface to clean under it and since I have kindergarten students who eat breakfast in the classroom that is a problem at times. The tape included in the kit really sticks!
By Kindergal from Corpus Christi, TX
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Great nametag holder!

I love these! I use them with double-sided nametags and I teach 2 sections of Math. So, when the 2nd class comes in, they slide their own nametag out from under my homeroom nametags. I can see the names from everywhere in the room!
By PD from Snyder, TE
4 Stars

I love these!! This is my third yeausing

Im a fourth grade teacher of up it 35 students. I couldn't get any kind of name tags to last a whole school year, students just kept picking them off and ruining the name tag part. These last the whole year and have a slot to keep pencils from rolling on the floor. A few have broken from the bases but I've been able to tape them together. The only con is the the Velcro that is included can't do the job. I've had to shop for Industrial strength Velcro and ith is Very hard to find in the 1" width. This year the Velcro was still good on the holders so I only needed to put it on the desk. Of course the ind. str. Velcro only came in 2" width with both parts to the Velcro so I have waste and needed to cut.
By Leslie from Phoenia, AZ
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4 Stars

Prop n parks rock

That they are hard to find
By K teacher from , SA
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4 Stars

Great idea

Just now putting in. Seems great but I found it hard to find name tags (small) that would go with this product. Everything is with adhesive or to large.
By Ready to start school from , AN
5 Stars


I love these! They keep my students desk neat and the tags are easy to read. The tag slot is big enought to keep multiple name tags . I just have my students switch the tags when they switch classes. I have not had a problem with the double sided tape yet but it has only been two weeks.
By 3rd grade teacher from , NO
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Love, Love, Love the Prop and Park

I have taught for 19 years and it seems like every year I have always had a few students that can never find their pencil, not anymore! In my classroom each Prop and Park not only holds a pencil but also a dry erase marker and highlighter; no more digging in pencil boxes or desk for the items we use frequently. I use these with the "Really Good Stuff" double sided name plates. I did not use the adhesive that came with the Prop and Parks but attached them with velcro coins instead. I do not find that students fidget with them at all. In the past when I have taped down name plates the students have always pick at the tape. I love this product!
By I Teach 1st from Carterville, IL
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I can't believe this item has been discontinued! They are perfect for my classroom. I have morning and afternoon groups of kids and the kids can change nametags easily. The holders don't take up much space and save the student time in looking for a pencil. Please bring this item back. I want and need more of them. I've had so many people ask where to get them.
By Kimmer from Boise, ID
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4 Stars

great product

sorry to hear they've been discontinued. timesaver and very practical
By L from , OH
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5 Stars

Prop and Park

This is the best desk top organizer ever, but now it has been discontinued. PLEASE - where can I order more!!! Our school is in need!
By Desperate Teacher from Denver, CO
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5 Stars


I absolutely love these!! They work very well for student nametags. I don't use the tape to adhere the holder so that I can remove everything from my tables for groupwork, cleaning etc. Students will fidget with them, but not any more than they did a nametag that was velcroed or taped down. I also love that it holds a pencil and eraser for easy use. Other teachers ask about them all the time!!!
By I teach from Peotone, IL
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5 Stars

Helpful to teachers & students

Great item to store a pencil, eraser, and pen without having a huge pencil box or trinkets to distract student learning. Received many comments on where did I get them. Others are impressed!
By Organized from Lincoln, NE
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4 Stars


I love the flexibility of these desktop helpers. The students all have pencils and erasers. So easy to switch the children's seats. I did not use the two side tape because I like to use the tables for big projects.The students did a good job of not playing with them. Might try the suggestion of velcro this year.My only complaint is not having refills. The "park" is still in great shape. All I need are the name plates and can't buy them.
By Robin, 3rd Grade from , WI
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4 Stars

More workspace for students!

I'm thinking of purchasing these. A suggestion would be to also have one back to back, with pencil holders on both sides so you can put 2 place cards instead of just one to save even more space when using on tables.
By Karen from Poulsbo, WA
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1 Star

Needs a better way to attach to desks.

Just as other teachers have mentioned the adhesive does not work. I should not have to buy something else to attach them to a desk. This problem needs to be fixed!
By turtleteacher from Ocala, FL
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5 Stars


Great product :o)
By teacher from royal palm beach, FL
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Love Them!

These are great...I teach 2 sections of half day kindergarten, and there are 2 nameplates in each tray...morning students move their name cards to the back for the afternoon students. Love the portability too...if a seating arrangement isn't working out, you swap out the name tag inside to another location, which was difficult to do when nametags were laminated and taped down. Also the tray holds the pencils without rolling off, and it's easy to see which tray is missing a pencil.
By Kindergarten Teacher from Phoenix, AZ
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5 Stars

These are great!

Thes are wonderful! They really free up space on tables and give students somewhere to place pencils. I really like to re-arrange my students and this makes it so much easier! It also creates a little "privacy barrier" from students across the table. Adhesive isn't what I was expecting-- has to be cut to size and is basically just double-stick mounting tape. But I don't want them to be difficult to remove anyway.
By Karen, Kindergarten Teacher. from , VI
5 Stars

Absolutely Brilliant

Everyone that comes in my room, ask Where did you get those? It is nice to be able to insert the name tags and change them as needed and to have a place where students can put their pencils, glue sticks or other items right on the desktop. The sticky tape they came with did not hold them down and I had to use velcro, but they are well worth the money.
By Duchess from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
5 Stars

No more arguing over pencils!

I wish I had found this years ago! No more arguments over pencils, erasers, etc - or getting up continually to get a pencil or eraser. Their name tags are easily seen from around the room, especially if their name is on both sides. Easy to move students to a different seat quickly and without fuss.
By First Grade Teacher from Sitka, AK
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5 Stars


I love them! They keep everything on the table.
By Pearland Pre-K Teacher from Pearland, TX
1 Star

Too bulky for my desks

I was hoping to use this desk top prop and park for my third grade students. The product was difficult and time consuming to install on my students' desks. They did not stay on the desks well and blocked the view of some of my smaller students. They also became a distraction for some of my students. I wouldn't recommend this product.
By Nikilu from Lincoln, CA
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5 Stars

Why didn't someone think of this before?

These make it so easy to reassign seating at tables--just pick them up and place them where you want them. Much better than taping nameplates on the table. And pencils are always right where you can find them.
By teacher sue from Huntsville, AL
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3 Stars

Great for Beginning the Year!

These are great for the beginning of the year and if you ever have interns! My students make a new nametag each quarter that we laminate. The sticky stuff provided didn't last very long. My students had a tendency ot try to pick it up and put it back! I switched to velcro and it works great. The desktop prop comes right off for cleaning/washing desks on Friday. I just use goo remove or sick my students on cleaning the velcro dot still on the desk at the end of the school year.
By Liz the Teacher from No. Ft. Myers, FL
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