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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99 - use code SUMR99
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Peanuts Inspirational Classroom Bundle
5  Items Included
Peanuts® BE The Best You Can BE Bulletin Board Set
Peanuts® Motivational Stickers - 36 stickers
Peanuts® Lesson Plan Book - 1 planning book
Peanuts Motivational Bulletin Board Bundle
Snoopy Accents - 36 cut outs
Peanuts® Motivational Phrases Poster Set
Peanuts® Character Building Mini Bulletin Board Set
Peanuts® You Can Be Anything Classroom Decor Set
Peanuts® You Can Be Anything Pennant Banner - 1 banner

If there is an incredibly recognizable and endearing set of characters that can be added to your classroom, it’s the Peanuts®. These kids have been spreading positive messages and humor since 1950. Kids and parents alike will recognize and relate to the characters when you add Peanuts® classroom decorations to your space.

A Charlie Brown classroom can make the area seem inviting and kind. Kids may be less reluctant to step inside and more eager to learn when you add Peanuts® items to your room.

When it comes to Peanuts® classroom theme decorations, you might consider adding posters with motivational phrases to encourage your kids, as well as the "You Can be Anything" Snoopy classroom décor to remind your students that they have the power to follow their dreams.

There are also Peanuts® bulletin board decorations, including trim and Peanuts® in Space. Either of these options will let your kids know that they can (and should!) take their success as far as possible.

Going Beyond Decorations

In addition to using Charlie Brown classroom decorations to enhance your space, you might also consider getting Peanuts® school supplies.

To encourage your students to do work that is out of this world, you might want to get the Peanuts® in Space Incentive Kit, which comes with certificates and stickers. Speaking of stickers, to let your students know you are proud of them and to encourage good behaviors, you can hand out motivational stickers.

You can even have your very own Peanuts® Lesson Plan Book to keep track of assignments, attendance, seating charts and contact information. With drawings of the characters throughout, keeping track of classroom activities has never been more enjoyable!

A Welcoming and Encouraging Environment

You want your classroom to feel welcoming to every student that walks through the door, and having Peanuts® classroom décor can help with that endeavor. The motivational and uplifting sayings can also be encouraging for your students and inspire them to do their best.