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1-24 of 39 items
12" x 18" Heavyweight Construction Paper
Stick-A-Rounds™ - pack of 100.
Colorations® Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls – Set Of 24
Construction Paper Classroom Pack 2200 Sheets
Classroom Management Rainbow Clothespins - 6 Colors
Turquoise Rexlace® Lacing, 100-Yard Spools
Colorations® Extra-Long Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls – Set Of 24
Colorations® Fun Shapes Pony Beads 1 lb.
Excellerations® Two-Sided Wooden Racing Tower
Colorations® Dough Tools Starter Set - 21 Pieces
Excellerations® Translucent Lacing Beads 94 pcs
Jonti-Craft® STEM Makerspace Table - project table
Colorations® White Beading Elastic - 100 Yards
Makerspace Supplies Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Excellerations® Translucent Lacing Shapes 78 Pieces
Colorations® Pipe Cleaners - Set of All 10
Colorations® Bright Construction Paper Smart Pack - 600 Sheets
Colorations® Classic Colors Best Value Dough - 18 lbs.
Seeds and Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit
Excellerations® Singing Tree Marble Run
Regular Masking Tape ¾" - 1 roll of tape
Colorations® Wood Clothespins – Set Of 48
Colorations® Wooden Geo Shapes 1,000 Pieces