Welcome to the World of Kids Care & Share!
Kids Care & Share products help to engage your students with service learning – getting students involved in community outreach and charitable acts towards others. These kits provide materials for students to personalize to give to someone else – specifically someone in the community. Plus a portion of the proceeds from each kit goes to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Kids Showing They Care
Students will work on a project to create a wonderful gift to give to someone in an elder-care facility, a hospital or homeless shelter. Young children will be introduced to community involvement. Doing these projects will help children learn about giving thanks, caring and sharing with others. Our hope is that by working on projects like this, students will carry these lifelong, good-character traits into their futures.

Students Showing Appreciation
Saying "thanks" to people in the community helps students learn about being a partner in community engagement, teaches social awareness and how to be charitable. Students will make a project to thank a firefighter, police officer, postal worker, librarian and other community members for their service. Delivering the item directly to the person via a field trip allows the students to take some time to talk to community workers about why their jobs are so important.

Choose from 5 Hands-On Kits!

Each kit includes:
  • A magnet to proudly display on your whiteboard
  • Stickers for students to wear
  • Stickers to place on the handcrafted items
  • A Really Good Instructional Guide with reproducible parent letter and certificate of participation

A portion of the proceeds from each Kids Care & Share Kit goes to Alex's Lemonade Stand!

What started as the actual lemonade stand of an inspirational young cancer patient, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $150 million to fight childhood cancer and has encouraged and empowered countless children to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer.

Find out more at www.alexslemonade.org.