Build the Highest Structure

Build the Highest Structure

    Grades 2 – 5

    Under 1 hour

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Challenge your students to a pipe cleaner building contest that teaches them research, creativity, and engineering skills. Have your students team up to see which group can create the tallest structure that doesn't topple over. Modify the requirements and even add additional materials to further engage your class class in this fun and innovative contest.

Instructional Goal

The goal of this activity is for students to build the tallest freestanding structure with the supplies provided.

Activity Steps

  •    Define the Problem – Build the tallest building
  •    Develop a Solution – Students research and develop solutions and discuss constraints
  •    Develop Models – Students sketch designs
  •    Analyze Data from Tests – Students execute the design and record failures and successes
  •    Optimize the Solution – Students observe other groups to find ways to improve their design
  •    Students improve their design

About This Kit

As students build exciting structures with 300 pipe cleaners and record their steps on these Ready-To-Decorate posters, they'll learn all about the Engineering Design Process, including how to follow criteria, consider the constraints, and optimize their designs. Great for reinforcing the steps and vocabulary of the Engineering Design Process. Supports the NDSS for engineering design standards. Use this kit in your classroom for a STEM lesson or for STEM-related school events such as STEM Family Night or National STEM/STEAM Day.

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What You'll Need

STEM Challenge
Learning Craft Kit


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Supply List

Everything you need is in the kit!

Optional classroom supplies:

  •    scissors
  •    rulers
  •    pencils

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