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We have everything you need to setup a warm and invigorating learning space—all in a color that naturally generates excitement.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is ColorClass?

ColorClass is our exclusive collection of classroom tools, resources, and organizers in a range of vibrant colors you won't find anywhere else. The ColorClass line includes everything from our signature wipe-clean plastic bins, baskets, and caddies to folders, book pouches, chair pockets, and more. We have all the resources you need to set up a color-coordinated environment that is inviting, comfortable, and conducive to learning…and also expresses unique personality!

What are the advatages of organizing my classroom with color?

Not only will you classroom be organized and stylish, but students will feel the benefits as well. According to learning experts, the colors of the educational environment affect children's mood, energy level, and focus…in short, their ability to learn. For example, blue promotes a sense of well-being, while red keeps students alert and encourages creativity.

Are these items only available in the colors I am seeing?

No. Many ColorClass® products come in at least 6 colors, with some available in as many as 15 colors!

Will more colors be available later on?

Yes. Check back in the summer for our "pick the next color" contest!