Really Good Stuff Health and Wellness

Really Good Stuff's Health & Wellness program recently completed its second year. The focus of this program's committee is to provide information, programs, and events that meet the wellness needs of all our employees. In addition to the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle, company events build employee morale and support communication between departments.

At the onset, it was discussed and decided that employee involvement and input would be critical to administering a successful wellness program, and ensuring longevity. A company-wide survey was launched to gather feedback on what our employees wanted in a wellness program. The survey results were reviewed and prioritized. A representative from each department was drafted to serve on the committee, meet monthly, and determine the calendar of events that the committee would execute. The committee designed a logo to use in all communications regarding events and health and wellness information.

Programs that have been implemented by the Really Good Stuff Health & Wellness Committee include:

  • Weight Watchers – Four cycles of Weight Watchers have been successfully implemented onsite and attended by employees for two years.
  • Lifestyles of the Fit and Healthy – The Health & Wellness Committee has managed two company-wide weight loss competitions resulting in over 600 pounds being shed. Weekly weigh ins, a chat board for encouraging messages, workplace support, and several fun prizes led to the success of this popular program.
  • National Start Walking Day – The Really Good Stuff Health and Wellness Committee has promoted National Start Walking in both 2010 and 2011 in conjunction with the American Heart Association. In addition to conducting a company walk, the committee provided free pedometers, fruit, and information relative to fighting heart disease and stressed the importance of exercise. Weekly emails with health tips were part of the program.
  • Quarterly Newsletter & Health & Wellness Website – All the happenings are captured in our quarterly newsletter and on our Health & Wellness Web site. This newsletter is emailed to employees quarterly and contains information on past events, upcoming events, and offers helpful, healthy tips and recipes. In addition, it features a spotlight on employees who have done something "healthful" or helpful. It's a great communication tool for the whole company.
  • Health & Wellness Sponsored Events: – Bridgeport Bluefish and Sound Tigers. The Committee subsidized and sponsored special rates for employees and their families to enjoy a night out at a local game. This included dinner and admission to the event at a reduced rate.
  • Health & Wellness Stress Buster Event Series - The Committee brainstormed funny, creative, and low-stress ideas that could be done with minimal time commitments for our committee members. Throughout our busy summer season, the Committee came up with the Really Good Stress Buster series of events. They included: Red, White and Blue Day, Crazy Hat Day, and Hawaiian Shirt Friday. In addition to employees dressing up to complement the theme of the day, the committee had one member be the "voice" of the "Time to Stretch" announcement. Besides getting everyone up and stretching, the member touted the benefits of stretching and moving around. Prizes were given for top participants at each event. Pictures were taken and shared with employees. A delicious, healthy handout was given to employees.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month –- The Committee organized a month-long "awareness campaign" to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They determined that we would facilitate a company-wide collection for SWIM Across the Sound, which provides assistance with ALL kinds of cancer – subsidizing everything from rides to doctors' appointments, to low-cost screenings to assistance with treatments. The company matched the employees' donation so the Committee was able to give a generous check to the organization.
  • Seminars – Through our health care provider, the Committee has hosted monthly meetings on various health topics set up for employees to attend, educate themselves, and ask questions and get information on timely health issues.
  • Really Good Stuff Health Fair – The First Annual Really Good Stuff® Health & Wellness Health Fair was held in November 2011. The Committee contacted various professionals to come onsite for an in-house Health Fair. Employees had a chance to visit with these professionals and gather information on a variety of topics such as nutrition, exercise, blood pressure,blood sugar, smoking cessation, weight loss, Zumba, and more.
  • Pet Supply Drive– The Committee organized a month-long collection of pet supplies and donated them to a local animal shelter.
The Really Good Stuff Health and Wellness program has provided additional benefits beyond the programs previously mentioned. Program and event sub-committees consist of employees in various departments and roles within the company, enabling people from different departments to get to know each other and work together. We are helping the communication at the company level, and we believe this helps increase overall company morale.

As the committee enters its third year, we will be continuing to offer our employees these events and benefits, while trying more new ideas brought to the committee and will work on increasing employee participation. We will continue to be an employee-run committee, organically grown, with our members directly involved with the decisions to bring these beneficial, health-oriented events to the whole company.