Stretch Your Budget!

Your shopping is easier with EZ Pay™

  • Spread out your payments without any additional costs to you!
  • No interest charges or transaction fees!
  • It's as simple as One, Two, Three equal payments!

Here's how it works:

  • Place your order online.
  • Select the EZ Pay™ option at checkout.
  • Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged in Three Equal Monthly Payments:
    • First Payment: When your order is shipped.
    • Second Payment: 30 days later.
    • Final Payment: 60 days after order is shipped.

EZ Pay™ Frequently Asked Questions

What if my credit card declines on one of the installment payments?
  • You may lose the ability to select EZ Pay™ in the future if your credit card is not in good standing.
Just a few rules:
  • We require that your credit or debit card have an expiration date of at least four months beyond the EZ Pay™ payment period.
  • If a card is lost or stolen or cancelled, please call Customer Service promptly and provide them with a new credit or debit card number.
  • Contact us quickly so your installment payment is not declined.
  • If your card does not have sufficient available credit, or your debit card does not have sufficient funds when the installment payment is processed, the payment may be declined.
Failure to contact us may cause you to lose the EZ Pay™ option in the future.

Customer Service Information:
  • Open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time
  • Toll Free Number: 1-877-867-1920
What if I return an item?
  • EZ Pay™ installments will be processed according to the schedule but your full credit (less shipping) will be processed as soon as the return is received at our warehouse.
  • Returns are processed promptly.
  • You will receive a notice that we have received your returned item and a full credit less shipping will be posted to your credit card.
  • If you request a replacement, the replacement will be sent right away with no credit due and no change to the EZ Pay™ schedule.
  • If you request an exchange, any difference in the price of the returned item (either a credit or an additional charge) will be posted right away to your credit card.
What if my order has a back-ordered item?
  • If the backordered item is shipped prior to your last installment payment, your account will be charged on schedule.
  • If the back-ordered item does not ship prior to the last installment payment, the final payment will not be charged to your account until the back-ordered item has shipped.
EZ Pay™ is our way of saying thank you for shopping with Really Good Stuff®.