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diversity, equity & inclusion

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Excellerations® Puzzle Up Caucasian Family - 48 Pieces
Different Abilities 3"H Friends Set of 5
Different Abilities 3"H Friends Set of 5
$14.99 $25.45
You save: $10.46 (41.0%)
Multicultural Rhythm Band Set 10 Pieces
Global Music Kit with Storage Bag - 1 bag
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - African American Boy - 1 doll
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Caucasian Girl - 1 doll
Excellerations Asian Girl Cuddle Buddy - 1 buddy
Excellerations Caucasian Girl Cuddle Buddy - 1 buddy
Excellerations Our Soft Family Dolls Asian Set of 4
Excellerations Our Soft Family Dolls African American Set of 4
Excellerations Peruvian Boy Costume - 1 costume
Excellerations Peruvian Boy Costume - 1 costume
$29.99 $46.32
You save: $16.33 (35.0%)
African Bolga Market Basket and Set of 6 African Music Instruments
Excellerations World Friend Dolls - Set of 6 Boys
Excellerations Our Soft Family Dolls Hispanic Set of 4
Excellerations® Puzzle Up Asian Family - 48 Pieces
Excellerations Cuddle Buddies - Set of All 8
Excellerations Asian Girl and Boy Puppet Pair - 1 pair
Excellerations German Girl Costume - 1 costume
Seeing Eye Dog and Cane for Toddler Dolls - 1 doll
Excellerations® Infant Poster Set - Set of 12
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Hispanic Boy - 1 doll

The Importance of Multicultural Learning

Celebrate diversity in your home and classroom using Really Good Stuff educational products. Thoughtfully planned and quality-constructed, these dolls, books, costumes and more teach preschool-aged children and older about the variety of ethnicities and cultures around the world — and in their classroom.

An excellent way to foster understanding and acceptance of different races, beliefs and traditions, multicultural education fosters positive social interaction among students, while encouraging them to think critically rather than default to categorizing people and lifestyles different than their own.

Diversity Learning Can Start Early

Appreciating diversity can begin almost as soon as kids are born, with the help of soft, colorful and engaging dolls for toddlers, like our Excellerations African American Girl Cuddle Buddy, Our Soft Family Dolls (Asian Set of 4), and Caucasian Girl and Boy Puppet Pair.

For Kindergarteners and early-elementary-grade students, lessons about different worldwide cultures can be brought to life with engaging costume dress-up using the Excellerations German Girl Costume, Mexican Girl Costume or Peruvian Boy Costume. Have children learn some simple facts about the culture represented by their costume, or stage an interactive play with students in costume talking about a tradition or other aspect of that ethnic group.

We offer many other great tools for social emotional development and learning, directly related to building understanding and empathy for others regardless of ethnic, cultural or lifestyle differences, including the disabled population. Check out books and puzzles such as the Countries of the World (set of 10 books) paperbacks, Excellerations Photographic Multi-Cultural World Puzzles (set of 9) or the Disabilities and Differences Books (5 titles).

A Great Selection of Multicultural Activities and Learning Tools

Other tools we offer both readers and non-readers include games, posters and craft supplies for introducing and reinforcing diversity learning. Take a look at the Listening Lotto Game - Community Helpers, which teaches children about a variety of peoples’ jobs and the ways they help others in society. Or, how about some hands-on fun with cultural music?

Really Good Stuff provides a huge selection of choices to help educate your classroom students, or children in a home learning situation, about the diverse and beautiful people in the world, preparing them to be kinder and more accepting of others for the rest of their lives.