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Family and Community Engagement: Help Families Help Their Students

As teachers, we know that families who consistently work with their children at home are a key contributor to student success in the classroom. The challenge is finding a means to encourage home engagement in ways that suit diverse families and environments.

Tools to Bridge the Gap
Really Good Stuff is home to hundreds of lively, engaging Math and Language Arts activities for all levels. You will find card games, board games, self-checking activities and more.

If time is an issue, the teachers at Really Good Stuff have pre-assembled affordable, easy-to-use Family Engagements Kits designed to set all parents up for success.

Means of Engaging Families
For an informative introduction to the process of routine, take-home family activities, we suggest inviting parents to come in for a demonstration of the activities their children will be bringing home to practice, and reviewing these key skills with parents as needed. If something less formal and more festive better suits your needs, we have a few great ideas:

  • 1. Game Night - Hold a Math Night or Literacy Night. Parents, students, and teachers move from station to station playing games that reinforce skills you are teaching in the classroom. As parents become familiar with the skills, they can help their child with homework or review skills the student may find challenging.
  • 2. Family Resource Center - Outfit an area of your school with resources so parents can come in and work with student and instructor or sign out materials to bring home for extra help. We can build your Resource Center from the ground up, supplying everything from rugs, bookcases, and furnishings to supplemental curriculum products. kits or can customize products to meet your specific objective.

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