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December 15, 2017

The 100th Day of School lends itself to thinking big and reflecting on past achievements.  If you are searching for a way to get students thinking creatively, try one of . . . read more

December 13, 2017

Implementing Google Classroom One frequent question asked by teachers is, “How can I effectively implement technology into my classroom?” Whether it is a homeroom, an . . . read more

December 11, 2017

Really Good Teachers around the world are gearing up for the week before Winter break. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out what the teachers below do to bring a . . . read more

December 8, 2017

Hot Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers Do you need holiday gift ideas for the teacher in your life? Look no further. These 10 gift ideas are teacher approved! 1. Tablet . . . read more

December 6, 2017

New Year: New Mindset Do you set daily goals for yourself? Did you know that adjusting your thinking can lead to better results? Identify what your strategy will be on . . . read more

December 4, 2017

Speaking and listening skills are often overlooked because it is very subjective and one student may be naturally better about speaking in front of others or being an act . . . read more

December 1, 2017

Really Good Stuff (RGS) is my number one favorite place to shop when I am looking for something for the classroom, or for educational gifts for my nieces. This holiday . . . read more

November 27, 2017

“Words matter.” We’ve all heard these words in the news lately, but for teachers of reading, this phrase has a whole different connotation. Words matter, because it . . . read more

November 24, 2017

Can we just take a second and talk about how very important parent communication is? I always knew it was important to let parents know what is going on in . . . read more

November 22, 2017

Celebrate the 100th Day of School in style with these fun 100th Day of School ideas! They’re a great way to celebrate students’ accomplishments and look forwa . . . read more

November 22, 2017

So many varying abilities, personalities and learning styles means I must find a way to balance it all. That means a list of diverse things, getting organized and learnin . . . read more

November 20, 2017

    Music in the Classroom is Important Music is a saving grace for many people, including our students. For many reasons. It can take you back in time. It . . . read more

November 17, 2017

Why Differentiated Learning Centers? In the bilingual or dual language classroom, it is imperative to incorporate a variety of activities that respond to students’ diff . . . read more

November 15, 2017

Achieving Reading Goals: Reward vs. Intrinsic How are we going to get the kids to meet their goals? This is a nagging question often heard among teachers desperately try . . . read more

November 13, 2017

Your little learners are on overload during the fall and winter holiday months.  So many decorations, so much anticipation, and so many restrictions on you about what yo . . . read more

November 10, 2017

Technology Takeover Today’s technology is growing by leaps and bounds from one year to the next. The more the world relies on technology, the more students will need to . . . read more

November 8, 2017

The holiday season can easily become more about getting than giving, especially for children who are inundated with commercials and visible signs of the holidays months b . . . read more

November 6, 2017

It’s Election time again, the perfect opportunity to celebrate patriotism by exercising our civic right to vote and teaching our young citizens to do the same. Maybe yo . . . read more

November 3, 2017

Differentiating for students can be a challenge for all teachers, especially considering the learning goals are, overall, very similar! Unless you have students with spec . . . read more

November 1, 2017

Teaching can be completely exhausting, incredibly draining and overwhelming. I am ten years in and there are some days I wonder if I am going to make it another twenty. . . . read more

October 30, 2017

  There are so many more lessons that teachers are responsible to teach their students than just general subject matter. Establishing and maintaining a safe classroo . . . read more

October 27, 2017

December is filled with holiday goodness, but translating those holidays into classroom activities and lessons isn’t always so easy. The teacher-tested holiday less . . . read more

October 25, 2017

I think it is safe to say that a new school year can mean a lot of different things to every teacher. Whether this is your first school year, your . . . read more

October 23, 2017

October is Bullying Prevention Month. In schools, we teach our students to be kind to one another and to never hurt others physically or emotionally. As times are changi . . . read more

October 20, 2017

What is Kids Care & Share™? Really Good Stuff® is pleased to provide an opportunity for you and your students to get involved in community outreach and charitable . . . read more

October 18, 2017

It’s not too late to create a fun and exciting Halloween costume for your children! The costume ideas below can be created inexpensively in less than a couple of ho . . . read more

October 16, 2017

Talking politics isn’t easy, but discussing the election process is important. Steer clear of the drama and approach elections with some of the terrific ideas found . . . read more

October 13, 2017

It’s bound to happen at least once during the year… you are sick and you need a substitute to run your class in your absence. Here’s the chance to plan . . . read more

October 11, 2017

Differentiated Classrooms “I have a differentiated classroom” is a phrase we often hear from teachers today. Most teachers differentiate learning by adding variety to . . . read more

October 9, 2017

Tired of the same bulletin boards every November?  This year spice things up with some boards that can be used throughout the busy weeks leading up to winter vacation.  . . . read more

October 6, 2017

It’s undeniable; technology has allowed teachers to take their lesson planning & organization to a new level. As this school year gets underway, there are some fun . . . read more

October 4, 2017

Service Learning & Community Service Teaching children about community engagement is often called “service learning”. It is a process of involving students in com . . . read more

October 2, 2017

Establishing a strong bond with the families of your students is vital. Good and frequent communication is key. Some of our Really Good Teachers share how they nurture th . . . read more

September 29, 2017

Be in control of the classroom this school year with the help of these teacher-tested Classroom Management Hacks. From organization to helping parents participate, these . . . read more

September 27, 2017

If your behavior management is spot on, your school year will be a breeze, but if it’s wobbly? Watch out for a rocky year. All Really Good Teachers know that . . . read more

September 25, 2017

Consider it the ultimate list of language arts lessons for elementary teachers! With over 50 teacher-tested, classroom-proven lesson and activity ideas, this list is fill . . . read more

September 22, 2017

Need some math lesson inspiration? We have your back! Here are 45 fun math ideas from Really Good Teachers across the country! All activities have been used and tested in . . . read more

September 20, 2017

Classroom organization goes to the next level with these teacher-suggested ideas. From organizing small classrooms to taming the paper monster, these activities and ideas . . . read more

September 18, 2017

Columbus Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to integrate some history and crafts into your lesson plans.  If you are looking for some fun new ideas, check out . . . read more

September 15, 2017

We asked Really Good Teachers around the country to share some of their best teaching tips for working with ESL and ELL students. Not only were their ideas and activities . . . read more

September 13, 2017

Do you have lunch with your students? This idea takes it to a whole new level! The next time you want to dine with your students, try this idea by . . . read more

September 11, 2017

Bullying doesn’t just happen between children.  Nor is it reserved for those who “don’t know better” or have not been through bullying awareness training.  . . . read more

September 8, 2017

Bullying prevention takes center stage with these tips and tricks from teachers around the country. The activities are designed to engage learners of all ages and help th . . . read more

September 6, 2017

It starts in early elementary school.  The breaking down of sentences and the discussion about parts of speech begins on those alphabet printed area rugs where kindergar . . . read more

September 4, 2017

The first half of my almost thirty years of teaching was in a primary regular education classroom. The second half has been in special education. My thoughts on behavior . . . read more

September 1, 2017

Let children talk about their family’s holiday traditions and teach your class about similarities and differences.  The ideas below can help you bridge the gap between . . . read more

August 30, 2017

Social studies can feel like the lost subject with the push toward STEAM and Language Arts. Despite not getting the limelight, teaching students about history, culture, a . . . read more

August 28, 2017

No closets in your classroom?  No problem!  If you are searching for ways to organize your teaching supplies and materials, but you are without closets, it can be a cha . . . read more

August 25, 2017

From preschool through high school, bullying is a problem in every grade, but you have the power to help minimize its impact and stop it altogether. The ideas below have . . . read more

August 23, 2017

It’s always fun to integrate food into lesson plans. While it may seem like a messy idea, using food is a great way to get even the most reluctant learners . . . read more

August 21, 2017

Are you ready for some new spelling and sight word activities for the new school year?  Break free of traditional ideas and try these three teacher-tested and approved a . . . read more

August 18, 2017

Incorporating math into your classroom routine can be easy to do when you have a plan.  Whether it is an activity that carries through for the entire school year or . . . read more

August 16, 2017

Teachers around the country love The Daily 5! With their love for the method comes advice and ideas for practical classroom application. We asked some Daily 5 loving teac . . . read more

August 14, 2017

Scheduling is not only important for you as a teacher, but it is also important for your students.  Knowing what to expect throughout the day and, more importantly, when . . . read more

August 11, 2017

Move beyond plain pencils and paper and make writing practice fun!  The five ideas below are sure to have your students clamoring for more practice time.  The kinesthet . . . read more

August 9, 2017

How do you teach reading skills? Really Good Teachers from around the world shared their favorite techniques for developing a love for reading in their students. Their id . . . read more

August 7, 2017

As all teachers know, building and maintaining that sense of classroom community is a year-long process.  Keep your class going strong and on the right path with the ide . . . read more

August 4, 2017

It’s the first day of classes.  Despite a week’s delay in the opening of school due to Hurricane Irene, the day has gone surprisingly smoothly.  No nerves on my par . . . read more

August 2, 2017

Recently, we asked some of the really good teachers on Facebook, what their best advice was for teaching interviews.  While some of the answers were great reminders, oth . . . read more

July 31, 2017

Imagine for a moment that you are a new second-grade student entering your classroom for the first time.  You are excited and nervous as you walk through the doorway.  . . . read more

July 28, 2017

One of the evolutions of education is that students are now expected to know more than ever when they are in Kindergarten.  As Dorothy Hall, author and educator, pointed . . . read more

July 26, 2017

As the new school year bursts forth on the horizon, the desire to capture each and every moment of learning and fun begins. With lessons to teach and a classroom . . . read more

July 24, 2017

Books may not belong on trees, but don’t tell that to students in Donna’s 4th Grade class in Channahon, Illinois!  She motivates students to read throughout . . . read more

July 21, 2017

Really Good Teachers around the country shared their best literacy teaching tips to help others improve their teaching techniques. From using clever pointers while readin . . . read more

July 19, 2017

Make the most of back to school time with these teacher-tested and recommended ideas. They set the stage for behavior management and classroom management techniques that . . . read more

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