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Tag: testing

Articles | March 3, 2017

While you may not be able to predict exactly which vocabulary words will be on the tests your students will have to take, you can expand their vocabulary to help

Articles | February 8, 2017

Reading is one of the most challenging subjects for students to grasp.  While some instantly take to decoding, fluency, and comprehension strategies, many others struggle.  As a teacher, your job

Articles | January 27, 2017

Once a student understands a math concept, the only way for him to get better at doing it accurately is by practicing.  When state testing is looming, it is a

Articles | April 9, 2015

During the #TeachChat on Wednesday, April 8th, Really Good Teachers from around the country talked about ways to ease testing anxiety in their students.  While they would all probably rather

Articles | March 31, 2015

It does not matter how much review you do, if your students are not invested in the testing they are about to do, they will not perform well.  Motivating your

Articles | March 27, 2015

A change of wording helps ease anxiety with this idea by Toni, a 2nd Grade Teacher, in Davie, FL. Not only does test taking become less intimidating, it can also

Articles | March 24, 2015

  It’s testing time again and with it comes anxiety, nerves, and worry.  For little learners, those emotions can get the best of them and make testing the worst time

Articles | February 25, 2013

by Nichole Rozakos, Teacher and Guest Author If you are anything like me, come March, you start to feel a pull… a pull towards doing the one thing that you

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