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CCSS-Connected Activities

In an effort to help you fulfill your CCSS requirements, Really Good Stuff® has created Free Downloadable Activity Guides filled with CCSS-connected activities unique to many of our 100th Day and Valentine’s Day products.

On the product page, these products are distinguished by a Common Core Connected icon. Also on this page, you can download the Activity Guide that lists the specific strands and standards met.

Standard-Aligned Celebration Products

Really Good Stuff® also carries 100th Day and Valentine’s Day celebration products that meet Common Core State Standards. Locate these topics under the "Celebrations & Themes" category. Then use the options under Product Type in the left-hand column to refine your search to only standard-aligned products.


Standard-Aligned Products Are Easy To Find

Really Good Stuff® offers products that directly align with Common Core Language Arts and Math Standards. Look for them under the “Shop By Common Core” category which is organized by domains and strands.

Standard-aligned products on the website have a CCSS Spotlight, a summarized description of the primary standard met, located under "More Details" on the product page. In our catalogs, standard-aligned products are grouped by the Common Core Standard domain/strand areas (e.g.: Math - Counting & Cardinality)