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Really Good Stuff meets Astute Hoot

When we at Really Good Stuff “discovered” the gals from Astute Hoot, we were impressed by their inspirational mission of awakening the joy of learning in all students. Driven by this mission, Astute Hoot has created a unique line of strategy-based resources. Sharing a common goal of making a difference in the lives of teachers and students, Really Good Stuff and Astute Hoot formed a partnership and got right to work.

A little history . . .
Astute Hoot hatched in 2010, when Jessica, a second grade teacher, and Jennifer, a special education teacher, began co-teaching a reading intervention block. Jessica and Jennifer were disappointed by the one-size-fits-all tools that were available to them.

With a combined total of almost 30 years’ experience and the belief that their students deserved better, Jessica and Jennifer set about to change the status quo. They joined forces with Jennifer’s sister, Tina, an award-winning graphic designer, to create a dynamic cast of reading- and math-strategy animals. The strategy animals made their way into a group of targeted teaching and learning tools.

Using these standards-aligned tools, their students made the greatest reading gains in the entire school district! They witnessed the most reluctant students blossoming into motivated, enthusiastic learners. The animals enabled students to make solid connections to the strategies, and those strategies produced learning success. Buoyed by those results, Jessica, Jennifer, and Tina began to make their downloadable resources available on their website, www.astutehoot.com and on open online marketplaces.

Introducing some Really Good products . . .
By combining the product development, manufacturing, merchandising, and distribution expertise of Really Good Stuff and Astute Hoot’s classroom-tested, research-based work, a superb line of products has emerged. These products support, enhance, and integrate well with any reading and math curriculum program. They help teachers effectively differentiate for all learners. Best of all, students love them!

We are delighted to help awaken the joy of learning and to contribute to the creation of proficient readers and mathematicians everywhere with these innovative products!