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The Importance Of Play In Child Development

As the demands of elementary school become more aggressive, what is expected from pre-school becomes more rigorous. Children are expected to come to school knowing their alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and more. So, where does play fit in? The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has included play as a criterion in its accreditation process for programs for young children. “They call it their work,” says Peter Pizzolongo, associate director for professional development at NAEYC. “When they’re learning and playing with joy, then it’s a positive experience. They develop a positive approach to learning.” In other words, while play is serious business, let children have fun too. Play has been found to aid children with social interactions, develop fine and gross motor skills, and build creative minds. And children build language skills through cooperative play. We’ve taken what we learned about play and assembled a product lineup that supports the early learning needs of infants, toddlers and pre-school children. Our arts & crafts products, dramatic play and active play toys provide essential tools for early learning and play.

Foster a love for art and build creative minds with all the right arts and craft products that budding artists enjoy. Find everything to helping your child create, draw, color, and mold. We have all the project materials for when you need to orchestrate a project or just get messy.

Is your child dramatic? Dress-up and playing pretend helps children learn important social skills and build creativity. It also helps to develop cognitive skills and decision making. So, let the children play. We’ve got fun play sets, blocks, dolls, dress-up, puppets, kitchens, games and puzzles. These are perfect for holiday gift giving!

Active play builds children’s minds and muscles with the tools to aid social, physical and mental development. Play is essential to development. Our outdoor toys include balls, trikes and products to promote coordination, agility and balance. Our music and movement products are a natural springboard for learning. And sand and water toys promote tactile discovery, fine-motor skills, and social interaction.