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5 Stars

Great Organization

I am so happy that I ordered these Bins! I have been able to take my leveled readers, from our reading program,store and store them in such a manner as not to bend them (as was happening with my old system)! With the dividers in place, I can take a group of books out, and not have ALL other books slide down.
By MRagsdale from , OK
4 Stars

Good buy!

I love that these are large enough to hold picture books with their covers facing forward - even my widest books don't have to be turned to fit into the bins. I really like the label holders; they are easy to use and really highlight my labels, so students are able to match the labels on the back of my books to the labels on the bins more easily. The dividers are not the sturdiest, and they definitely do get knocked down by the weight of the books, but for now I'm continuing to use them. These bins are quite large, and I find that I'm struggling to strike a balance between filling them enough so that the books don't slump down and keeping them light enough for my students to maneuver alone.
By ESL Teacher from , MA
3 Stars

These baskets were the exact product I was looking for in organizing my classroom library. I have had them for awhile now and have been disappointed in their quality. I wish the baskets were sturdier. Also, the dividers do not secure in the bottom of the basket and they fall out or books slip underneath. Love the idea, just wish for better quality for the price.
By from , IA
5 Stars

Better Organization

I use these for my classroom library. I use to use baskets, although that worked it was hard to find a specific reading level. I would waste a lot of time looking for books in a students specific reading level. Now with these bins and dividers I am able to better separate the reading levels. This makes finding a selection faster. I liked these so much I bought more later on.
By from , CA
4 Stars

Great to color code by reading level

I use these for my classroom library. I have my library color coded by book level, so students can easily replace books into the correct colored bin. The dividers work wonderfully if the bins aren't very full. If there are too many books in the bin, the dividers tend to pop out easily and the books slide down.
By 2nd grade teacher from , AL
5 Stars

Love it!

I love my new library book bins! They're still new. We'll see how durable they are as the year continues.
By K Teacher from , IL
3 Stars

Not as great as I thought they would be

I spent about $300 to organize my classroom library at the end of last school year. Once I started organizing this summer, I realized the corner of one of the picture book bins is broken and 2 of the chapter book bins. Not worth the cost of return shipping. Disappointed in quality . Love the idea and the way they look I just wish they were more durable.

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By Mrs.W from , AZ
5 Stars

I am so excited to use these in my classroom this year! I know they will be perfect in my classroom library!
By from ,
5 Stars

Very Nice Purchase

I bought these to use as book baskets for my picture books to place on the students' double desks. They are a nice size ( a little big for the double desks) and they definitely do the job I wanted them to do which was to hold a lot of books. I put the dividers in the box so I will see how long they last with my class. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this product. I have an extra basket and I will be using it as a sub box and place my files and materials in it.
By Love 2 Teach from , CA
5 Stars

Allows children to find books easily

I use the book bins to locate books in different areas of my preschool classroom instead of concentrating them in one place. We now have books from the library, science books and books specific to our current learning theme in different places where they are easy to see and where children can replace them without difficulty. After lunch each day children who finish eating may sit quietly with a book while others continue to eat. This has totally eliminated the crowding around the book shelf and having books end up on the floor. The only problem I had was that the dividers came loose at the bottom if we lifted the bins with books in them. I finally hot glued them and we have had no more problems. The bins are the best addition I have made to my classroom in years.
By Happy preschool teacher from , FL
5 Stars

I purchased the book bins with dividers for my daughter's 1st grade room. She loves these bins. They hold the larger picture books upright and they fit nicely on the shelves. She has the individual bins for each students' belongings and the colors all fit nicely. The other teachers have looked at them and also love them, they are thinking of ordering for their classrooms as well. These new bins have helped get her books off floor shelves and have made more space for the children. When ever I see they are on special will definitely get her some more. Shirley Elrod
By from , MI
4 Stars

Book bins

I am so excited to have these bins in our Library. They are very sturdy and the sizes are perfect . I did not chose to use the dividers. I bought all one color (red-our school color) for unity which helps the words on the labels stand out. My only issue is that the plastic label covers keep falling out. I am going to have to tape them down which disappoints me because I didn't want any additional adhesive.
By Librarian from , OH