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2 Stars

not the best quality

I was disappointed to find that a few chipped in shipping. I have used them for only 2 weeks and some have cracked and chipped. This product is not very durable.
By Book Boxes from , MI
5 Stars

Great deal and colors!

Great bibs for books, folders, and magazines. Love the Nein colors!
By Mary from , FL
5 Stars


These are great I am using them in my classroom library.
By becky hahn from , CA
4 Stars

I'm giving this a four star rating because my students have not used these yet; they are a new purchase for the upcoming school year. I had used cardboard book bins in the past, and they just weren't holding up. I definitely plan to talk to my students about how to handle and treat them. Aside from that, I would give the product 5 stars on color and size. I am very excited to use them and several of my co-workers have already complimented me on them. I honestly can't wait to use them! Mine came with labels, but I haven't used them.
By from , GA
3 Stars

Break Easily

I love the look of these book boxes! However, I had 3 of my students crack theirs within a month of getting them. They were treating them well but they just started to crack. It is very disappointing considering the price of these boxes.
By from , VA
4 Stars


Colorful, sturdy. The labels didn't come with mine.
By from , CA
5 Stars

Great Book Boxes!

My students love their new book boxes! I used to use cardboard boxes but these make such a big difference!
By K Teacher from , FL
3 Stars

Book Bins

Great book bins! My students loved the color choices and I loved that I could use the stickers to write their names on it. My only problem was a few of mine bins were cracked and broken. I assume it was from shipping but I wish they weren't originally broken. I'm sure I could send the broken ones back but my kids needed the bins asap.
By from ,
5 Stars

My students love the colors. The holders are durable even when they fall off desks and shelves several times. The stickers that come with them need more adhesive - they started peeling off on the 2nd day.
By from , NC
5 Stars

Perfect Way to Organize Students' Books!

I use these as student book boxes. They have been extremely helpful in organizing my students' books. They are extremely durable and the colors are perfect for my classroom! My first graders love their book boxes!
By Prepping for the Primary Gridiron from , GA
5 Stars


I use these as student book bins. They are sturdy, hold a lot of books in various sizes due to their depth, and the bright colors add extra cheeriness to the classroom! When I used cardboard boxes, I was constantly having to tape the student bins back together. That lost instructional time and was a hassle! These make reading time much simpler.
By Apple4TheTeacher from , GA
5 Stars

Great for classroom library organization!
By from ,
3 Stars

Colorful, but not like new.

I ordered 28 of these super cute and colorful bins. When they arrived one was cracked, but customer service re-shipped me a new one:). I absolutely love the colors, however after paying that much money, they do not appear brand new. They had scratches on them. Customer service said this was because of them being shipped togerher, but it was on each bin. Not sure if I would order from them again.

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By from ,
5 Stars

Love these!

These are great for book baskets in my library center.
By from , TX
5 Stars


Strong, colorful ways to store my reading library. They are wonderful!
By Teacher kbee from , TX
5 Stars

Durable Book and Binder Holders

I know several teachers who use these and love them; however, I would like to see them in black. Is that possible?
By from , IN
5 Stars

Durable Book holders

We bought these to old books and a journal for individual 2nd graders. We used black chalk board labels on front and I put velcro-attached denim pouches on the back to hold a pen and whisper phones. These should work much better than the cardboard ones we used last year. We use Daily 5 for teaching reading, and these will be great!
By Mrs. T from , WA
5 Stars

Durable and very colorful tubs for books

I use these for individual student book boxes for small group reading. They are a great size and keep the books in good condition. I let the students pick out the color they want and they are easily stored on shelves for easy access for the students. They are very durable and I don't see my self ever needing to replace them.
By Reading Specialist from , NE
5 Stars

Great for SSR!

I use this for my students book baskets to hold their Guided Reading books and books for SSR. They line up nicely on a shelf and I have put numbers on them rather than names so I can reuse them year after year.
By K5Teacher from , SC
5 Stars


I love this bins. I bought them to use as book bins for my students. The kids loved them, they lasted all year and will be able to be used next year. I was very happy with this product.
By VA Teacher from Woodbridge, VA
4 Stars

These are great!

I use these for my students' individual book boxes and they're great! They do tip over pretty easily if there are quite a few larger hardback books in them but overall I have been happy with them.
By M Dunnam from Tampa, FL
5 Stars

Love these!!

I use this product to organize library books and my personal books.
By Natalie from Baton Rouge, LA
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4 Stars

Great Colors! Wish they were longer

I really love the colors of both the Neon and the Earth book bins. I purchased them to organize my weekly lessons/materials. They fit perfectly, five in a row, across the end of my desk against a wall. I'm a bit afraid of the last bin tipping over when full (they get a little too top heavy when full of books and materials!), so I think I'll add a bookend or some sort of weighted object on the end. My only complaint (it's minor) is that they are not long enough (depth) to hold a file folder on it's side. At 12.5" per specs, I thought it would be, but it's just a shade too short. Paperclipped copies can lay fine on their side, but if they are not in a file folder, or if they're in the file folder but standing on "end", they tend to bow over if the bin is not full. Not a dealbreaker in the least! But something to note. It looks a little messy and bothers me just a bit. I try to leave items on their side, but I teach multiple things per day and want to be able to color code file folders per subject.I
By Angie from , OK
5 Stars

Colorful and Convenient

I LOVE these book/binder holders!! I've seperated my nonfiction books for easier access for the students. Each book holder displays a nonfiction category. Examples of this are: mammals, fish, birds, arachnids, insects, amphibians, reptiles, sports, space, health, landforms, dinosaurs, animal habitats, weather and many, many more! My kids are drawn to our nonfiction classroom library. Instead of housing the books in a big tub they now are displayed in eye catching organizational bins that are inviting to my students!
By Jill with Organizational Style from Saint Charles, MO
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3 Stars

Sturdy but short

I love the quality and color of this product. However, I use them both to organize my classroom library and for my students' personal book bins (to hold the books they are currently using). If there are any books that are even slightly oversized, these containers cannot hold them. I wish they were just an inch longer (they'd still fit on shelves just fine!). It would help avoid a lot of problems in my classroom library.
By Jody from , OH
5 Stars

These buckets are a must for every class

I use these buckets to sort out my math and science student books by topic. For example, I have buckets labeled "problem solving books", " "fractions", "probability", ect. Also, I use them for students to keep spirals and folders in so that they have easy access! I love these buckets! They help keep the classroom organized and they are so colorful! I love the neon colors! I think every teacher should have a classroom full of them! They fit so perfectly on book shelves, too! Also, because they are light weight they are easy to lift and move as the students use them! Also, they come with stick on labels!
By Anne the organized from Southlake, TX
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5 Stars

Held up well

I have used these for 3 years now with 4th and 2nd graders. We use them as personal book boxes. This past year they were used several times daily and so far none have broken or cracked. For the price (not to mention the great colors) these are well worth it!
By LambyLamb from , NC
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5 Stars

Love them!

I love these! We use them every day and they have held up very well despite the heavy use. My students really like having their own place to store their books and notebooks for reading time.
By Lydia from , GE
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5 Stars

excellent product

We use these book boxes to hold 8 to 10 books for language arts. They are the perfect size and the children can easily carry them about the room.
By first grader from Beverly Hills, CA
5 Stars

The Best Bins

I use these Bins in two ways in my classroom. First I use them to organize my lessons/materials for each day of the week. 2nd, I have given a bin to each of my students to hold their books and notebooks for their Read to Self and writing Time. They are durable and hold just the right amount, so children can easily carry them when they are beginning their Center Work.
By Jess from Port. St. Lucie, FL
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5 Stars

I would order this product again!

These containers make great individual book boxes for my students. It has enough space to hold about 5 books plus a whisper phone! They are durable and very colorful. These containers keep each student's book interests separated and easy to find. My students feel very independent pulling their book box off the shelf to read their books.
By Bay from , CO