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Test Prep Center Ideas for Reading Comprehension
February 8, 2017

Reading is one of the most challenging subjects for students to grasp.  While some instantly take to decoding, fluency, and comprehension strategies, many others struggl . . . read more

10 Places to Get Professional Development Hours
December 9, 2016

It may only be December, but now is the perfect time to start scoping out those available continuing education classes for the summer. While the traditional big universit . . . read more

Six Super Educational Websites for Kids
August 23, 2016

Having a reference sheet of fun, educational websites is always great to have on hand. Whether you use it in class to supplement instructions or hand it out at the . . . read more

Smooth Transitions in the Classroom
January 4, 2017

Moving children from one activity to the next can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. Both new and veteran teachers often struggle with finding new ways t . . . read more

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