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K-8 Classroom | July 22, 2016

Summer time and the livin’s easy…??Oh, who am I kidding?  We’re teachers.  Despite what many people may think, we don’t really have the summers off.  We’ . . . read more

Early Childhood | August 15, 2016

In today’s preschool classroom, children are engaged in learning through new, innovative technology. One great type of technology to utilize in the classroom is fun, ed . . . read more

K-8 Classroom | July 29, 2016

Those first day of school jitters can sneak up on even the most mature middle school students, let alone new kindergarteners! How you introduce the class to one another i . . . read more

Early Childhood | August 1, 2016

Play in the classroom provides a number of opportunities for children to acquire positive social emotional skills.  Building self-confidence, motivating peer relationshi . . . read more

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